Positive outlook –

For couples, rain on their wedding day is their worst nightmare. unfortunately, for couples getting married in the UK, the possibility of rain is  high, no matter the time of year.  With a little forward thinking, planning and a positive outlook, please believe me that you can still have the best day of your life, regardless of what the weather throws at you.

Here’s some tips to help you –

Speak with your photographer – Most camera equipment is waterproof so rain isn’t much of a problem. Me personally, can always get images at night that get great reactions from friends and family. I even get brides that hope for rain on their wedding day to get pictures like this –

Speak with your venue –

98% of the time their will be places you can go within your venue where you can still get lovely photography.

Speak with your makeup artist –

If you’re having makeup done by a professional, chances are that they’ll have waterproof makeup to keep you looking great.

Get  umbrellas and wellies that can look great for photography – 

You might also want to get some matching umbrellas and wellies for your bridal party so you all look co-ordinated in your group photos.

Be flexible on timings – 

You may need to change your timings slightly, and when there’s a break in the rain you can nip out for your pictures.

Enjoy your Wedding Day its only happening once so don’t let the rain get in the way !!