Tips – Who buys the formal wear  –

Bridesmaids/Men –

This totally depends on circumstances but generally I think its normal for the bride to pay for transportation to and from the venue for the bridesmaids. Also the bride will cover the cost of the bouquets.

The bride will sometimes pay for the bridesmaids hair and makeup and if the wedding is in a hotel the bride may also purchase  them a room for the night of the wedding.

Groomsmen/Ladies –

Traditionally  Groomsmen usually pay for themselves when it comes to there formal wear.

Usually the men will rent there suits and shoes.

It’s great for the Bride and Groom to offer to pay but its not mandatory.

My opinion –

In my opinion If your asking them to be a visible part of your wedding. Its your party so you should pay or at least contribute towards their attire.

Bridal Preparation –

I love to photograph Bridal preparation. I think the prep stage is my time to form a bond/friendship with the bride/bridesmaids so later in the day at the location shoot I have the bride on side. By then she will hopefully be very relaxed and I will therefore capture great pictures. When it comes to the group pictures I normally ask a bridesmaid to line the groups for me or call out who’s next so we can complete the shots as quickly as possible..

I sometimes find the Groom wants to get to the bar and the pictures are not top priority. With the bride on side and the friendship I’ve formed through out the day, this is how I get the best pictures in the short time I have.

Here is some examples below –

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