On a Wedding Day I try to think what would my clients want from me ?

• I want to capture you at your best angle. I try hard to place women & men in a position that will show you their best features and flatter them. I like natural photography but I will at times help to position you.

• I work fast whilst photographing. This is a wedding, Im very aware family and friends have come miles to see you and I want you to be with them enjoying the party. After the family pictures I take my couples for approximately 15 to 25 minute location shoot. We can always do more again later if you wish, but I want you to enjoy yourself.  I can then blend into the background. Pictures of people unaware/laughing and having fun always get the best reaction.

• I want you to feel comfortable  (on one of the biggest days of your life I feel its very important to have a connection with your photographer). Another reason I always like to meet for a coffee before you book me.

• I want to understand what my client wants from me (some couples like relaxed/natural pictures where as others prefer jumping/very posed) mood boards are a great idea or even just send me some ideas of what your favourite pictures you have seen on google. I always meet with my clients before the wedding so I can get a feel for what you are after. Most who book me are because of my natural and relaxed style of photography. So I generally attract these type of couples.

• I like to photograph what I feel will make you look great. Im more than happy to photograph any ideas you have.

• I like bright and airy photography – not dark or dull, I aim for nice bright pictures that when you put them up on your wall they look great.

Here’s a few examples of my photography –