Regrets couples have about their wedding day-

Unfortunately not hiring a professional Wedding Photographer is extremely up there as one of the most common. After spending months to even years planning your venue. Arranging flowers, choosing suits and brides maids dresses, wedding Cakes and the list continues.

This will be one of the best investments you will make 

Everyone has a mobile phone. On your mobile phone screen pictures can look beautiful if caught in the correct light. The problem comes when the lighting conditions change or when your photography is blown up for pictures. The sensor in your phone just won’t cut it. The sensor is more than a third smaller than a professional camera has. Direct sunlight or dark areas can cause massive issues when photographing using your phone. Professional cameras have the correct tools to deal with poor lighting much more effectively. The correct photographer with good knowledge of their equipment can also enhance your photography using the correct lighting techniques i.e. flash/strobes.

Professional photographers will carry the correct cameras/flashes/strobes to ensure your images look amazing inside or out. Also a professional photographer will edit your images post wedding ensuring you receive top quality photography.

When the sun is out the last bit of equipment people expect to see me using is my flash. If people look into the sun they will squint and have big black spots around their eyes (panda eyes). Whilst photographing I will therefore turn my clients to have the sun behind them, this casts a silhouette over the front of them but the benefits are that it gives my clients a beautiful rim light. Flash/strobe will then light them from the front.

Examples beneath – Mobile phone pictures v professional photographer-

Another regret is not capturing your whole day-

Bridal preparations are so important. Having those little details photographed. Your shoes and dress. The little things really tell your story. For example the last hug the bride will have with her father just before she walks down that isle. These special moments are great to have as a hard copy later in life. The speeches, in my experience can be the most emotional time throughout the day. Cutting the cake and the first dance as Mr & Mrs.

Capturing these images is essential-