After a wedding a question that usually follows within the first week is an email asking when the photos will be ready –

When I capture your day and people see me photographing at the wedding. This is only just the start for me –

After the wedding is when the hard work begins –

Initially I spend hours culling your photos. I usually average approximately 1000 pictures if I spend approximately 12 hours at your wedding. I normally like to give an average of 400 to 600. I’ll never throw away a great picture but I only like to give the best and most flattering photos and I believe in quality over quantity –

I initially try to delete any of the photos I know you wouldn’t like. I remove any photos that are unflattering. I also look for and remove any photos where my clients eyes are closed or where people are chewing food/gum etc –

Post wedding I only lightly enhance your photos as I like to keep them natural. But I do need to crop, and adjust each photo which can be very time consuming –

Typically my edit time can average anywhere between 4-10 weeks. At times I have several wedding to cull and edit. But I try to over deliver and complete the photos ASAP for you –

I try to send some sneak peaks photos for you to view –

However for the full album it can take some time, but it is important that what I am doing does take time, and hopefully it’s worth the wait –

Matt Spooner Wedding Photography

Devon wedding photographer

Any question please feel free to message me using my bubble or contact section –