During the winter months –

The sun sets a bit faster so the ideal time for wedding portraits is two hours before sunset. In the summer months, one hour before sunset is fine.

Natural Photography –

Everyone wants natural photography. I would love to shoot natural photography through out your whole wedding day. This can only be done when the light is perfect.

When in a dark room for bridal preparation for the best photography light will need to be added. I will always defuse this light and never point a flash at you.

Light equals focus, therefore you will get Great photography.

Examples below –

The golden hour is the hour after sunrise and before sunset.  This is the best time to take photos as the sun is soft with a reddish-pink light that is perfect for portraits. The sun is lower in the sky.

At 12 noon the sun is high,  this is one of the worst times to take pictures. So if your hoping to tie the knot outside and you want the best photography. A later time when the sun is lower may be best.

Examples beneath of golden hour photography – the suns temperature is in the yellow range, giving you that golden hue in your photography.

This is my favourite time to take pictures –

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