Whilst I would like to photograph anyone and everyone I also need to be the right photographer for you.

My style of photography and pictures I produce need to be to your taste. I really appreciate when people message me and say “how much they love my style of photography”. Rather than just looking at price, I then know these potential clients have researched and took the time to view my portfolio. I understand how expensive weddings are. But I also feel, the price people pay for these amazing venues, dresses and wedding themes the photography should be up there on the list of priorities.

To capture all your family and friends portraits and those candid moments a photographer should be second to none.

When people say “uncle Bob’ or “we have a friend with an expensive camera” is photographing our wedding it sends a shiver down my spine.

Just like picking your wedding venue and dress a photographer should be just as important. Your photos are the only lasting memory you will have.

Here is my personal style and how I like to photograph my clients-

•Reportage and documentary style photography – Capturing candid moments throughout your day.

•Traditional portraits – To capture those family pictures that in time could be so precious.

•Natural and Relaxed – To capture those moments you didn’t even realise the photographer was there. I aim for a very natural and relaxed feel of photography for my clients.

•I selectively isolate my clients from the background – This makes my clients almost jump out from the picture. A mobile phone couldn’t capture this and your wedding photography looks extremely professional.

•I capture the sky as it was on your day – Either puffy clouds or deep blue sky. This makes my pictures stand out from other photographers on the market right now.

•I also feel that the day should be about you and your partner and photography should come second to that. I’m at your wedding to answer any questions you may have or keep you calm and relaxed. Theirs nothing to worry about. My lens are water resistant so the weather is not an issue.

My skills are so much more than photography – I’ve attached buttons holes, laced up corset wedding dresses. Brought drinks and food to my brides. The more comfortable you are, the more natural the pictures I will get.

Here’s a few examples –

Mothercombe beach location shoot –

Salcombe Hotel and Spa Wedding –

North Devon location shoot –


Matt Spooner Wedding Photography –

If my style of photography is what you are looking for and you would like to meet for a coffee (non obligation to book) and talk further then please get in touch on my contact section at the bottom of my webpage or you can now use the message tab upon my page –