So I suppose you want to know a little more about me?

I was born and raised in Plymouth. I have a wife called Suzie and our pride and joy is our pet Bulldog who’s called Chunky.

My reasons for becoming a wedding photographer came after I was married to my wife. My photography from my wedding, or should I say lack of pictures gives me the understanding on how important this day is to be documented for others.

I have extensive experience in lighting my clients and I pride myself on being able to produce the highest standard of photography for my clients.

My spare time is spent mainly consuming copious amounts of coffee in various coffee shops in and around Plymouth. I really enjoy the art of people watching and its great how much you can learn about people just by stopping and watching them. Trying to get a feel for another persons story and watch it unfold in front of me. I like to watch relationship interactions, to see them having fun, laughing and joking. I find this really fascinating. I suppose weddings are my opportunity to photograph these events unfolding in front of me.

I’m also a little OCD. Not too much, but just enough for me to notice the little things whilst Im photographing. I’m quite particular and like my group photography to be symmetrical, Im always on the lookout to what’s in the background of my pictures.

In my photography I like my sky to show the deep blues and puffy white clouds. I do this by exposing for the sky, which will under expose my subject. I then use fill flash to light my subject. This gives my style of photography a certain look that I love.

I will photograph your wedding in my own unique style. Whenever possible I try to photograph like a photojournalist. I attempt when possible to move without being noticed, capturing those candid moments. I try to capture events as they unfold in front of me. Capture the images that tell your story.

If you would like to talk further get in touch.