Crownhill fort was the location for the day. Built in 1860s I knew this would be a good location for photography.

Orange Chilli Catering and Events were overseeing the day. Highly recommened for anyone looking to book there wedding and catering through.

I met up with the bride to be Samantha early so I could photograph all the little things for her. I met her at her house. The weather was raining outside so we all had our fingers crossed that the sun was going to make an appearance.

Samantha had her makeup and hair done by Adele Charlotte Hack. She did a great job. Samantha was a little nervous but looked beautiful –

Samantha’s dress looked amazing –

Arriving at Crownhill fort the sun broke –

It was now Shaun’s time to feel the nerves. The venue was perfect size and very intimate. As I photographed the wedding I needed to use my flash at first. As Samantha entered the room the sun behind her really gave her a silhouette over her face. I had to counter this by lighting Samantha’s face using my flash. I bounced the flash off the ceiling above as I did not want direct flash hitting her. I moved around Samantha and Shaun using different lenses so the photography would show several different looks. I like to move from high to low, working hard not to stay in the same position therefore ensuring each picture had its individuality –

After the ceremony we headed outside for a few formal pictures. I once again had to place everyone so the sun was behind them. I did not want my clients looking into the sun and squinting. I wanted the sun behind them giving them a lovely rim light. This also gave them a silhouette that I once again countered by using my flash. I then went with Samantha and Shaun for a couple of location pictures around the grounds. I used my pixapro strobe light whilst photographing Samantha and Shaun in the grounds. This ensured that the faces are always lit correctly. I really like this look and the strobe light really separates my clients from the background.

Once we had finished Samantha and Shaun went in for their meal. The food looked great and Orange Chilli Catering was extremely fast and efficiant serving everyone. The speeches were very entertaining, The cake was cut and the first dance as man and wife commenced –


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