In February I arrived at the Two Bridges Hotel in Princetown to photograph vic and Wayne’s wedding.

I started early photographing the little things, (the early bird catches the worm and all). This is the time for me to get creative, strategically placing items to be photographed. The preparation part of the wedding I really encourage as I feel it builds the story and is great for the bride and groom and the family to look back in years to come –

I found the Two Bridges Hotel to be full of character and it had a very rustic feel. Every room I entered it had mahogany wood and chandeliers as well as open fire places. Each of these rooms looked great as a back drop in in my photography –

The rich colours in the hotel really complimented the pictures. Even though the weather was gloomy and snowy outside. I was sure to make wayne and vic’s photography bright and airy –

After the service Wayne and Vic were brave enough to bare the cold and went to the grounds of the hotel to have a couple of location pictures. It started to rain so we had to head back inside. As everyone was seated for their meal between the starter and main course there was a break in the weather so we headed out for a few quick pictures –

The snow on the ground was amazing and really gave the photography a good textured look. I used various lenses to really try and mix up the look of their pictures. I wanted to be up close and personal as well as get other pictures that captured the beautiful scenery of the Two Bridges Hotel. I always make a concious effort to photograph  the surroundings. I feel if my clients pay excessive amount of money for their wedding venues, I ll be sure to capture it. I used flash to light my clients faces as the weather was dark and cloudy. This flash helped to light their faces and separate them from the background.

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